Beginners Guide To WordPress

wp light hi 2880x1800 150x150 Beginners Guide To WordPressThis article is designed to give a very basic and straight forward beginners guide to WordPress.  In this article I will cover the framework, so to speak, of working in WordPress.  I will cover everything from how to sign up for a WordPress account to creating your first blog post and everything in between.

  1. Sign-up for WordPress Account

The first step to working in WordPress is to sign up for an account.  Visit their site (  On the landing page click the ‘Create Website’ button.  You will then follow the prompts to set up your username and password.

pp2 Beginners Guide To WordPress

2.  Create Web Address

Secondly, and very importantly, you will need to create a web address.  A tip for beginners is to make your blog or web address short and simple.  Once you have set up your username and password you will then be prompted to create your web address. You will notice that to sign up for a site is free.  You will also have options of signing up for a .net, .org, .com, etc site for a yearly fee.

3.  Choose a WordPress Plan

Next, you will need to choose a plan from the following three options: Beginner(free), Premium($99 per year), or Business($299 per year).  The different plans offer a variety of options that range from how much space is available on your site for the year (ranging from 3GB-Unlimited) to the type of support you will receive.  You will want to review these options to best select a plan that is right for you.  You are also given the option of a free 14 day trial for any of the plans to help you better select the best plan for you.

4.  Set-up Profile

Once you have chosen your plan it is time to set up your profile.  You will want to customize your personal info & upload a photo that you would like to represent yourself.  To customize your profile from the homepage(referred to as the Dashboard) you will need to select the ‘Users’ tab followed by ‘My Profile’ tab.  Here you will input your information and upload your photo.

5.  Choose a Title for Your Site

Ensuing your profile setup you will need to set a title for your site.  From your Dashboard(homepage) you will select the ‘Settings’ tab followed by the ‘General Menu’ tab.  This is where you will insert your title for your site.

6.  Familiarize Yourself with WordPress

After you have setup the framework of your site(refer to above) I suggest taking some time to learn your way around WordPress.  Learn your way around the Dashboard and the Menus options. The Dashboard is the ‘main’ hub or the guts of your site.  The Dashboard allows you to customize your site, edit posts, upload media, etc. The menu tabs are located on the left side of your site.  Take a few moments and familiarize yourself with these as well.

WordPress dashboard Beginners Guide To WordPress


7.  Customizing Your Site

While familiarizing yourself around the Dashboard and Menus of your site you may notice there are different options for customizing your site.  I’ll walk you through a few of the basics for customizing your site. A great way to customize your site is to choose a ‘theme’.  To view the different theme options navigate to your sites Dashboard(homepage), choose the ‘Appearance’ tab, followed by the ‘Themes’ tab.  You will be able to preview multiple themes and make an appropriate selection for your site.

8.  Publish Your First Post or Page

Once your sites framework is up to Parr to your liking, you are now ready to write and publish your first ‘Post’ or ‘Page’.  What is the difference between a ‘Post’ and ‘Page’?  A ‘Post’ is an ‘update’ for your readers whereas a ‘Page’ is a piece of content that is permanent.  A good example of a ‘Page’ is an ‘About Me’ Page commonly found on websites and blogs.

To create a ‘Post’, simply click the ‘Post’ tab from your Dashboard(homepage).  To create a ‘Page’, simply click the ‘Page’ tab from your Dashboard(homepage).  For both a ‘Post’ and ‘Page’ you will need to add a title and add content to the body.  Once you are satisfied with your work click the ‘Publish’ button and Viola, you have your very first ‘Post’ or ‘Page’.

wordpress2 0 300x210 Beginners Guide To WordPress create page 2 1024x390 Beginners Guide To WordPress


And there you have it.  Your beginners guide to WordPress. Everything from Signing up for an account to creating your first post.  Happy writing!

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Apple Logo

Apple September 2014 Event

Apple September 2014 Event

We saw at the apple event a lot of new products and Apple definitely delivered on a lot of promises that they have been making from the past year or so.

iphone6 300x168 Apple September 2014 EventThe Biggest of all the unveilings was the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. 2 Different sizes of the iPhone for the first time, a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch Model. The Bigger model definitely targeting the more professional user or basically a tablet user. More Android Devices have been getting bigger and bigger and finally we love to see apple follow and with more thinner and lighter devices and having more battery life we will see more and more people upgrade and now the question is that they will go for the 6 or the 6 plus? 6 Plus is going to cost a hundred dollars more but with a bigger display and much more battery life compensates for the large cost.  They are going to release the iPhone 6 and the 6 plus on September 19th.

Apple Watch 300x167 Apple September 2014 EventAlso there was the apple watch everyone was expecting it to be called iWatch but it is called Apple Watch instead and that was the only product that not much was leaked about and no leaked image got close to the watch but what we got from apple looked very good and elegant. In terms of functionality it is not much different from what we have seen before from other smart watch’s but the interface is very clean and very polished. We also get tactile controls as well as a crown which can e used to scroll through menus and which can also be used as a home button also, which is great as using the tiny little touch screen where your fingers block everything you are trying to do. But the bad news is that it will not be releasing till sometime early next year, and it is going to be on the more expensive side starting at $349 and going way up as there is a 18 carat gold version that we presume will cost much more than the intro model. But they have got partnerships with Nike, Fitbit, and various other companies that we think will make it a really popular watch to own next year.

apple pay 300x169 Apple September 2014 EventAnother Announcement was the apple pay which as per them is a solution to getting rid of your credit cards near in the future, it will be included in both the iPhone 6 models and all the iPhones after them and the apple watch too as they all have a NFC chip built in so you will be able to pay your bills with a tap of your phone or your watch.

That is it for this time if you liked it please press the thumbs up button, and share this with your friends it may be able to help them.

And be sure to tell us in the comments that will you go for the iPhone 6 or the 6 Plus and will you get the apple watch with it and if so which model. Or will you stick with buying an older iPhone as now it will have a price drop.